Food in China

In the section “Food in China” you can find a lot of interesting and unusual things. The articles tell about the unusual taste preferences of the Chinese people. And also, you will find out what is worth trying in the Chinese national cuisine. Learn in detail about the burgeoning trend of durian, how it is eaten and what it tastes like. Also, read Chinese national recipes and try something new.

Centenary egg

Are you ready to be surprised? Let’s talk about the traditional Chinese dish “centenary egg” (sometimes also called the millennium). What is it? A hundred-year or thousand-year-old egg is a canned product. Traditionally, duck is taken, but an alternative can be found and use chicken, goose, quail or turkey eggs and aged in a mixture …

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Traditional chinese cuisine

Differences between national dietary habits in different regions of the world are caused by many factors, such as population size, productivity level, ecological situation, etc. Thus, most traditional meat dishes come from areas where the population density is relatively low, and the soil does not need to be maintained or unsuitable for agriculture. Consumption of …

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Chinese fast food

Around the world, Chinese cuisine is synonymous with quality fast food – you can eat fast, cheaply and, most importantly, tasty food. If you have been to China, you know it first hand: at every corner you can buy Baozi steam pies with a filling for every taste, Uyghur kebabs, noodles, pancakes, fruit in caramel …

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Chinese food

Food and cuisine Travel to China is a touch to one of the most ancient world civilizations, acquaintance with amazing nature and unique traditions of friendly people. The Chinese are able and truly love to cook, they are very proud of their delicious and varied cuisine. There are almost no educational institutions where cooks are …

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