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China Guide

Online guide about China. In this section, you will learn a lot about China. Read and learn about traditions in China, Travel and interesting sights with their contact information. Blogs, opinions, advice of foreigners living in China.

Canada Guide

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Japan Guide

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Korea Guide

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About the Hello Guide

Traveling to other countries, we are often limited in time, according to the statistics of travel companies, people take a vacation for 1-2 weeks and sometimes this time is not enough to see all the sights of the city and have to choose the most impressive and popular places. This site will help you with this task. On HelloGuide you can see most of the tourist places in such countries as China, Japan, Korea, Canada, Russia, Turkey, etc. Every day we add something new to the site, not only popular places of interest, but also interesting places about which only local people know.

On the site you can get acquainted with the opinions of different authors about their travels and advice, as well as we have prepared a unique section “Events”. To get the most out of your trip, you not only visit tourist places, but you can also plunge into the nightlife of the city, visit clubs and bars, get to a theme party or you can attend a concert of a famous musical group, you can learn about this from us at site. We lose a lot by using monolingual sources. HelloGuide is a multilingual travel guide where you can learn a lot from different authors.

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What people are saying about selection of comments

I really liked the section on blogs about the country, where you can read a lot of opinions on a certain city or tourist place, after reading a couple of articles about a tourist place, I quickly made a decision to visit the place or not.

I went to study in China for a year and knew practically nothing about the country and local entertainment. And communicate with everyone. upon arrival and finding out would take a long time. HelloGuide was perfect for helping me find the upcoming events in local bars and clubs that have discounts for foreigners, I recommend HelloGuide!

I am the owner of the Rasputin club in China, Dalian, we welcome all foreigners in ours. club and we have special promotions for them and HelloGuide is the perfect place to report this, I recommend to all owners of establishments.