China history

The history of China says that it is the most ancient civilization in the world. China has a special culture, traditions and ancient history. The Chinese people honor, respect and are proud of the history of their homeland, observing all the most ancient traditions and customs, carrying it from generation to generation. In the “History of China” section, it will be possible to trace the development of culture from small primitive tribes to the present, learn more about the most ancient traditions and customs and about the most ancient civilization. And also, learn about the outstanding people of China who have made their contribution and development to their country.

Western Holidays in China

Despite the fact that the Celestial Empire has enough of its own memorable dates, holidays and festivals, its inhabitants still glance with curiosity at elegant Christmas trees, sparkling champagne in glasses, valentine hearts and even a fat “thank you” turkey. All these material attributes of the holidays that have become the same mundane are gradually …

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History of China

You can endlessly talk about China, which has a history of several millennia. Many interesting books and articles have already been written about the history of China, and a large amount of research has been carried out. In this article, I would only like to outline the main points in the history of this amazing …

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