China history

The history of China says that it is the most ancient civilization in the world. China has a special culture, traditions and ancient history. The Chinese people honor, respect and are proud of the history of their homeland, observing all the most ancient traditions and customs, carrying it from generation to generation. In the “History of China” section, it will be possible to trace the development of culture from small primitive tribes to the present, learn more about the most ancient traditions and customs and about the most ancient civilization. And also, learn about the outstanding people of China who have made their contribution and development to their country.

About Chinese workaholics

The Chinese have a reputation for incorrigible workaholics, which is not surprising if you know about the highest bar of labor feat set for them by distant ancestors. In this article, we provide striking examples of Chinese hard work and willingness to go to any pain for success. The stories told here received universal popular …

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Terracotta Army

In 1974, Xi’an peasants wanted to dig a well, but no one would have thought that they would make one of the largest archaeological discoveries of mankind! Imagine their surprise when, instead of water, they found an army of clay soldiers in armor! Yes, we are talking about the terracotta army of the Great Emperor …

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Chinese national dress

Chinese national dress, like nothing else, most fully reflects the centuries-old history of the country. At first glance, it seems that the styles, cut do not change over time. But in fact, there were many options for cutting, fabrics, ornaments. For example, they are different for each region. Moreover, from era to era, standards, rules …

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