Qingming Festival (清明节)

Qingming (清明节) is a holiday of remembrance of the departed, as well as a holiday of purity and clarity. Its celebration falls on about the 5th day of the 4th month of the lunar calendar. On this day, they usually perform a rite of remembrance for the ancestors, and also honor the memory of all the fallen heroes.

Many people gather in the cemeteries. In ancient times, this ceremony looked much more complicated than today, and the attitude towards the ancestors was completely different. Nowadays, people put the graves in order, bring flowers, food and favorite things of the dead, light smoking sticks, burn “sacrificial money”, honor the memory with bows in front of the tablets with the names of the dead.

With the onset of the Qingming holiday, the street is noticeably warmer. The weather is wonderful in spring. That is why it is also called the holiday of purity and clarity. People love to go for a walk in the countryside, fly kites and admire the spring nature.

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