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Sanatoriums in China

Eastern medicine is attracting an increasing number of people who have become disillusioned with traditional Western medical practices. From treatment in China, patients expect an integrated approach to their body, a special philosophy. Many already know that oriental medicine does not heal the disease, but the person himself, restoring his strength, strengthening energy, and increasing …

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Work in China

Do you want a high salary? China attracts many foreign experts from all over the world. You will find the answer in the article “Working in China: Life Hacks”. Naturally, here you will learn how to look for a job in China. Content Working in China: prospects Working as a teacher: teaching Chinese children Experience …

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Legal translation and Chinese

The article “Legal Translation and Chinese” will tell you who is a translator of legal documents from Chinese. Economic relations between Europe and China are deepening. Joint European-Chinese companies are opened. Both in Europe and in China. Any economic relations between business entities are formalized in the form of legal and financial documents.That is why …

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