Taxi in China

Taxis in China – the official licensed taxi with a meter and drawing “checkers”. Similar taxis are in all cities and provinces of China.

Cars presented in Chinese taxis are usually locally produced. Their fuel is gas. But in each car there is always air conditioning and a color TV with a touch screen, which makes driving a taxi very comfortable.

All firms that offer taxi services have a license that is clearly controlled by the authorities. And if an organization is found without a license or it is overdue, the manager will have to pay a huge fine.Sitting in any of the cars of the Chinese taxis, you can learn in advance about the level of professionalism of the driver, by the number of pasted stars in the right corner of the windshield. And at the end of each trip, each client receives a check, which lists all the information and the trip and at the end of the invoice.

The fare is determined by the following criteria: the first three kilometers of the road cost 12 yuan, and each subsequent kilometer costs 2.1 yuan. At night, the price of invoice increases by one third.


A red light of a taxi means a taxi is free. Green – busy.

Next to every nightclub, near the crowds of street eateries, near the train stations and airports you will find free taxi drivers. They stand near their old-fashioned cars and smoke, laugh, talk loudly, attract the attention of passengers.


At daytime, finding a free taxi is much easier, despite your location.

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