Life in China

In this section, we will tell you how interesting and diverse life in China is, how many pluses and minuses this power is fraught with. You will learn in detail about all the traditions, customs and holidays. You will learn about the Chinese people, their outlook on life and mentality. And also in our articles you will find a lot of interesting things about Chinese fashion, their clothing style, learning the Chinese language, medicine and its secret, seasonal climate and much more. We write our articles from the words of eyewitnesses living in China. Our main task is to convey and tell our readers about life in the Middle Kingdom, about how it works, how interesting, diverse and completely different from life in Europe. Also in the section “Life in China” you will find a lot of useful information for living or traveling in China.

Work in China

Do you want a high salary? China attracts many foreign experts from all over the world. You will find the answer in the article “Working in China: Life Hacks”. Naturally, here you will learn how to look for a job in China. Content Working in China: prospects Working as a teacher: teaching Chinese children Experience …

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Legal translation and Chinese

The article “Legal Translation and Chinese” will tell you who is a translator of legal documents from Chinese. Economic relations between Europe and China are deepening. Joint European-Chinese companies are opened. Both in Europe and in China. Any economic relations between business entities are formalized in the form of legal and financial documents.That is why …

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Working in China 2021

Working in China 2021? Why are jobs in China attracting so many foreign job seekers? How to look for a job in China? What documents are needed to work in China? … Here you will find the answers. Working in China is popular with foreigners. Foreign job seekers are eager to relocate to China. Why? …

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China – Life in red

China is a communist country. Therefore, many people think that red is popular in China only because it is the color of the red flag of China and the Chinese Communist Party. In fact, everything is much deeper. China – life in red. Red color already in China for thousands of years symbolizes happiness, success and …

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Taxi in China

Taxis in China – the official licensed taxi with a meter and drawing “checkers”. Similar taxis are in all cities and provinces of China. Cars presented in Chinese taxis are usually locally produced. Their fuel is gas. But in each car there is always air conditioning and a color TV with a touch screen, which …

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Chinese mentality

Chinese mentality and characteristics of the population Travel to China is a touch to one of the most ancient world civilizations, acquaintance with amazing nature and unique traditions of friendly people. It is believed that the main drawback of any Chinese mentality – unfriendly. In fact, this character trait is due to the national credo …

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