Interesting facts about China

Top 7 Interesting facts about China

1. In the summer, men walk with a bare belly.

As soon as it gets hot in Chinese cities, men lift up shirts and show off their sweaty belly.

2. Eat everything, only bones remain

In China, there are many famous cafes that serve specialties. The list of these dishes include:

  • Fried fish skin with onions.
  • Duck heads.
  • Stomach.
  • Guts, brains, chicken legs, fat, eyes, lungs, skin from the head of a cow and a pig.

3. Do not shake hands

In China, it is customary to shake hands only with foreigners. But among themselves it is simply not customary to greet a hand. People come to the office, they won’t even say hello to their colleagues, they just sat down, started working.

Generally speaking, “nihao” is usually taken by people who have not been seen for a long time, or by strangers. And say goodbye – only if you obviously do not see each other for a long time. If you left work in the evening and returned in the morning, it is considered that you did not go anywhere.

4. Friends don’t say “thank you”

It is not accepted to thank the person whom you consider your friend. Especially for minor requests. You can even be offended: “For example, what are you talking about, thank you, said, I am not your friend or what?”

5. Business cards and money are served with two hands.

In deference, a business card will be served with two hands. And money (change for example), too. Papers, bills, and so on. If at the meeting the Chinese give the Chinese their business card with one hand, it can be perceived as disrespect.

This does not apply to the money that you give on the surrender in small shops and eateries.

6. Attitude towards small denominations

Only the largest denomination is respected – 100 yuan. Less bills are not taken seriously. In a small shop in the area, the money is kept in a basin or drawer, they are simply thrown there, not counting. In small cafes the same.

7. In small stores there are no price tags.

Going into a small shop near the house where drinks, cigarettes, chocolate are sold, you will not see the price tags. The seller simply remembers the price of all goods. He also usually thinks in his mind. And regular customers remember how much it costs.

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