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Travel to China is a touch to one of the most ancient world civilizations, acquaintance with amazing nature and unique traditions of friendly people.

  • The Chinese are able and truly love to cook, they are very proud of their delicious and varied cuisine. There are almost no educational institutions where cooks are prepared – everyone learns at home.
  • Vegetables in China are never consumed raw – at least they are hovering or boiling. Legendary chopsticks were invented in China 3,000 years ago. Now they are made from all the materials at hand, but the most expensive ones are ironwood sticks. This cutlery can be seen only in the homes of wealthy Chinese.
  • The basis of most Chinese food is rice. To date, 40,000 varieties of this cereal have been registered, which grows in almost every Chinese province.
  • Cooking for Chinese is half the battle. If the recipe is unique, it simply must have its name, and the more poetic it will be – the higher the talent of the cook is estimated. For example, in the menu you can easily see the soup: “The happiness of inseparable ducks”
  • The old tradition of leaving food on the plate, showing respect to the cook – has long been considered a moveton. In some Chinese cafes and restaurants, there are even announcements that say that the dish should be eaten completely, without leaving anything on the plate.
  • The fact that the Chinese eat Colorado beetles, grasshoppers and even centipedes is now a popular horror story for naive tourists. Yes, there are insect dishes, but in the free market, as they say, on the street, they can only be found in the southern provinces, where the attitude to food has always been, to say the least, specific.
  • In China, a special attitude to drinking – they drink only big companies and for some serious reason. It is not customary to drink at home, they usually gather in restaurants and bars. In China, by the way, tasty local beer is on sale – it is rather cheap and not strong enough, all in all up to four degrees.
  • A large percentage of vegetarians among the Chinese have nothing to do with mentality or beliefs. The fact is that in a number of provinces the prices for meat and fish are such that an ordinary citizen can not afford a meat dish every day.
  • Chinese food – The famous Peking duck is also considered a dish of the rich because of the difficulty of cooking. Many Chinese have found an inexpensive alternative for it – grilled chicken, which is marinated in a sweet and sour sauce for several hours before being placed in the oven.

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