China Guide

Travel in China

Nowadays, tourists are increasingly traveling to China. Tourists have the right to choose a trip to their liking. Someone goes to China to the sights of the city, someone to resort areas, someone goes on a shopping tour. China is such a huge and developed country that any person will be interested in going on a trip.
In the section “Traveling in China” you can read articles where you will find a lot of useful information.

Life in China

In this section, we will tell you how interesting and diverse life in China is, how many pluses and minuses this power is fraught with. You will learn in detail about all the traditions, customs and holidays. You will learn about the Chinese people, their outlook on life and mentality. And also in our articles you will find a lot of interesting things about Chinese fashion, their clothing style, learning the Chinese language, medicine and its secret, seasonal climate and much more.
We write our articles from the words of eyewitnesses living in China. Our main task is to convey and tell our readers about life in the Middle Kingdom, about how it works, how interesting, diverse and completely different from life in Europe.
Also in the section “Life in China” you will find a lot of useful information for living or traveling in China.

Food in China

In the section “Food in China” you can find a lot of interesting and unusual things. The articles tell about the unusual taste preferences of the Chinese people. And also, you will find out what is worth trying in the Chinese national cuisine. Learn in detail about the burgeoning trend of durian, how it is eaten and what it tastes like. Also, read Chinese national recipes and try something new.

History in China

The history of China says that it is the most ancient civilization in the world. China has a special culture, traditions and ancient history. The Chinese people honor, respect and are proud of the history of their homeland, observing all the most ancient traditions and customs, carrying it from generation to generation. In the “History of China” section, it will be possible to trace the development of culture from small primitive tribes to the present, learn more about the most ancient traditions and customs and about the most ancient civilization. And also, learn about the outstanding people of China who have made their contribution and development to their country.

Medicine in China

In the section “Medicine in China” you will find articles about medical institutions in China, where it is better to undergo treatment or undergo rehabilitation and just relax in sanatoriums. So, we will tell you about interesting facts about traditional Chinese medicine, for the sake of which people travel from Europe and many other countries.