10 most expensive resorts in the world

1. Hawaii, USA

Hawaii. Every traveler dreams of visiting the fabulous islands of America, despite the long flight with transfers. And everyone will find here what they are looking for: active rest and absolute silence, dense tropics and mountain gorges, sleeping volcanoes and beautiful waterfalls. By the way, the most active volcano in the world, Kilauea, is still active in Hawaii.

One of the most expensive and luxurious hotels in Hawaii is “Four Seasons Resort Hualalai” (Four Seasons Resort Hualalai). It is located on the western coast of the island, next to a white private beach and the endless Pacific Ocean.

The hotel features spacious, elegant rooms and terraced villas, gourmet restaurants, seven azure pools, a golf course and tennis club, a fitness center, spa and cultural center where you can experience the culture and traditions of the Hawaiian Islands. There are also spacious rooms where you can hold weddings and other events.

A pleasant bonus for tourists is the fact that the hotel is located at a distance of two hundred meters from the famous dormant volcano Hualalai and at a distance of three kilometers from the West Hawaii State Veterans Cemetery, which is also a frequently visited attraction.

One night in this hotel costs an average of one and a half thousand dollars.

2. Mustique Island, West Indies

Mustique Island is a private island in the West Indies, with an area of about six hundred hectares, and they are washed by the azure waters of the Caribbean Sea.

This paradise is wholly owned by Mustique with 100 luxury villas and two hotels: Cotton House and Firefly. Guests such as Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip, Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton rested here.

The island is renowned for its range of outdoor activities: scuba diving, horse riding, tennis, etc., as well as an abundance of exotic rejuvenating spa treatments.

Prices here start at five hundred dollars per night, but you can book accommodation for at least a week. And for those who do not count the money, a luxurious house with a pool “Palm Beach” is offered for nine thousand dollars a day.

You can get to the site by plane from Barbados on one of four daily flights (the flight takes forty-five minutes).

Photos of the hotel are taken from the link

3. Laucala Island, Fiji

A villa at LAUCALA ISLAND LUXURY RESORT can be booked starting from four thousand dollars per night, and a house from seven thousand dollars.

Why are they going to this island? For the sake of company – rich and influential people rest here (others simply cannot afford it). Horse riding, golf, diving and other entertainment are also available. And someone just swims, looks at dolphins and meets sunrises and sunsets on the cleanest sandy beach.

You can get to the place only by private jet or yacht – and if you haven’t got one yet, you will have to rent a jet (VIP charter) in Fiji.

4. Necker Island, Virgin Islands

This fabulous tropical retreat belongs to Richard Branson, an eccentric businessman from Britain. In his absence, the island is rented out to visiting tourists – both individually and as a whole.

For most of the year, the island can only be rented entirely for a group of up to thirty-four people + six children: eleven rooms in the main Great House, four Bali Houses scattered throughout the island, two rooms in the Temple House and a “children’s” room in the Great House …

The cost of renting the whole island is eighty-seven thousand five hundred dollars per day. Guests are provided with five perfectly clean sandy beaches, a large open-air swimming pool, a SPA center, a sailing yacht, a couple of helipads, tennis courts and many other amenities.

Virgin Limited Edition, Necker Island, 2019

The supplement for each child per day will be six hundred and twenty-five dollars. In some periods (before and after Christmas, in the second half of August, September and October), rooms may be rented separately.

A private room for two can be rented from five thousand dollars per night. This amount includes accommodation, meals, airport transfers, unlimited alcohol, laundry services, tennis and diving instructors. And also a personal DJ (but only for one night).

The island represents thirty hectares of unspoiled nature with many species of exotic birds. Surrounded by coral reefs on all sides, in combination with the richest underwater world, it is a real paradise for diving enthusiasts. The best chefs work here, from whom you can order a dish of any cuisine in the world.

Photos from the official website – https://www.virginlimitededition.com/en/necker-island/the-island

5. Rania, Maldives

A unique private island in the Indian Ocean – a kingdom of unique nature and tranquility.

The Rania Experience Maldives 5 * hotel is consistently among the ten best in the world. You can get to it only by yacht or plane. The air offers incredible views of the Maldives.

Photo from this website – link

The picturesque resort offers guests only four villas, and all of them are quite remote from each other, so you will definitely not meet neighbors.

The beach starts right from the doorstep of the house. A personal yacht equipped with the necessary equipment for fishing, diving and other activities is available to guests.

A day’s stay here for one person – from ten thousand dollars. Minimum hotel stay is three nights.

6. Dubai and the Palm Jumeirah

Photo from – timeoutdubai.com

The famous luxury resort was built by the Arabs in just a couple of years: construction began in two thousand and six, and already in two thousand and eight, a grand opening took place with the participation of world stars.

Since then, this place has attracted people from all over the world. Vacationers have access to: a zoo, a water park, attractions, cruise yachts, beach and extreme entertainment. Concerts are regularly held here.

The resort consists of three islands that form a palm tree (but this can only be seen from above). For protection from waves, there is a crescent-shaped breakwater.

The price per night in one of the best hotels in this area – Atlantis The Palm (Atlantis The Palm) – from three hundred dollars per day.

7. Sandy Lane, Barbados

The cost of rest in the resort complex Sandy Lane Hotel 5 * on the sunny island of Barbados averages twenty thousand dollars per person per day, and during the peak season it can even grow to twenty-five thousand dollars.

Frequent guests here: movie stars, Arab sheikhs, millionaires. Vacationers have access to restaurants with a variety of dishes for every taste, exclusive beauty salons, swimming pools, volleyball courts and golf courses. Each is offered an individual entertainment program.

And since most of Sandy Lane’s inhabitants prefer to travel by private helicopters and yachts, there are helipads and a pier.

8. Musha Cay, Bahamas

One day of rest among the picturesque landscapes of the Bahamas at the Musha Cay resort will cost twenty-five thousand dollars, and given the fact that the minimum stay is three days, those wishing to spend time here should have at least seventy-five thousand dollars in stock.

photo from – Whistler blackcomb

The MUSHA CAY HOTEL 5 * complex consists of five villas, each with its own private beach with clean sand and crystal clear water. In addition, each villa has its own swimming pool, sauna, garden surrounded by greenery. There are restrictions on the number of guests, the villas are designed for a simultaneous stay of only twenty-four people.

9. Banwa Private Island, Philippines

Photo from – trulyclassy.com

Banwa Private Island is one of the most expensive hotels in the world, with prices starting at $ 100,000 per night.

This amount includes:

  • six beach villas and twelve garden rooms
  • unlimited visits: spa, diving, tennis, yoga, kayaking and yachting.
  • all inclusive food, vegetables and fruits from a private organic farm!
  • In total, the resort can accommodate only forty-eight guests, which of course creates an atmosphere of exclusivity and luxury!

You can get to the place only from the city of Manila, in two hours. A flight on a nine-seater seaplane will cost a thousand dollars, and on a five-seater helicopter – about eleven thousand dollars.

10. Sa Ferradura Resort Island, Spain

Another of the most expensive resorts in the world is a Spanish island in the Mediterranean, near Ibiza, Isla de sa Ferradura (or “Horseshoe Island”).

Cost of living per day: about one hundred and fifteen thousand dollars per room.

And it’s not surprising that holidays there are so expensive. Its owner spent about 10 years and a huge amount of money on the improvement of this island.

The natural beauty of the island and the landscapes of the Mediterranean Sea is complemented by the man-made splendor that architects and landscape designers worked on: parks, beautiful lagoons with grottoes, pools, mini-waterfalls are found throughout the island.

There is a spa center, gym, diving and surfing centers, yacht rentals and many other entertainments. And each of the seven rooms of the magnificent house has a unique design – the best designers in the world worked on this.

It is steadily warm, with about 300 sunny days a year, and a light breeze from the ocean almost constantly blows.

The area of ​​the island is 6 hectares, and no more than 15 people can rest here at the same time.

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